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kolibrichen's Journal


student of history, arthistory and classical archeology - obsession with period dramas and the 19th century - a hobby addiction jumper - a night owl - an internet junkie - music and film lover - fondness of quotations - ANGLOPHIL. -

my favourites: period dramas (N&S, p&p, persuasion, s&s, cranford, our mutual friend, etc.), dw (doctor donna^^), life on mars *gene HUNT*, A2A, psych, tbbt, spooks, miranda, misfits, rh (for only one good reason^^), torchwood, gg (till season four), green wing, sirens, m*a*s*h, and many, many more - reading - collecting books - pretty busy with the making of graphics: stroke_of_wing - a mod on ns_stillness and art_stills.
if you want to know something more just ask. normaly I don't bite lol - love these penguins("remember boys, cute and cuddly, cute and cuddly")

art code link my icons stylesheet